Choosing a Graphic Design School

Choosing a Graphic Design School

What should you consider when choosing a graphic design school?

What degree do you want?

A degree in graphic design, or an art degree that offers a specialization or concentration in graphic design.

What's the difference? It all depends on where your interests are founded, and where you want to take your graphic design career.

If you are more interested in the visual arts, consider an art school that offers a graphic design specialization.

A degree in graphic design, on the other hand, will insure that your portfolio is focused on such things as typography, page layout, and even interaction design.

Hands-on Experience

A good graphic design program will emphasize portfolio development. A portfolio is the best way to demonstrate your skills to a potential employer. As a graphic design student, you should learn and become proficient with a significant number of computer design programs, such as Illustrator, Quark Xpress, and Photoshop.

Your program's curriculum should also include coursework that emphasizes creative and critical thinking You should have opportunities to learn outside the classroom through field trips and internships. And studio time is also critical -- graphic design cannot be learned without hands-on experience.

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