Graphic Design Careers

Graphic Design Careers

Graphic designers create visual images used in a variety of communicative pieces. These include magazines, newspapers, reports, packaging, journals, websites, signs, and other publications.

Graphic designers are skilled in employing color, illustration, photography, type, and animation to convey a message, to either persuade or inform. They typically have strong artistic and creative skills as well as excellent computer skills.

Education Requirements

Most entry-level graphic design jobs require applicants to hold a bachelor's degree, although some technical positions may only require an associate's degree . Students should seek out programs that emphasize computer graphic design, and that encourage portfolio development.


Many graphic designers find employment in specialized design companies, large advertising firms, printing support services, or newspaper, book, magazine, and directory publishers. A number also work on a freelance basis.

Other designers produce computer graphics for computer system design firms or motion picture production companies. A small number of designers also work in engineering services or for management, scientific, and technical consulting firms.

Graphic designers hold about 209,000 jobs. Roughly 25 percent are self-employed, and many salaried employees also do freelance work.

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