Graphic Design Careers: Advertising & Public Relations

Graphic Design Careers: Advertising & Public Relations

Graphic designers in the advertising industry are responsible for creating artwork that goes into print and television advertisements, billboards, signs, brochures, and other materials.

Advertising is a means of communicating to deliver a message to a specific audience, most often associated with business. Creating the desired appearance and value for the advertiser and/or its products usually makes the difference between success and failure.

Educational programs for advertising aren't usually found within an art department, but more often are stand-alone departments or within a communications, journalism, public relations or marketing department. Overlap with art departments is necessary for those who actually aim to design advertisements and visual campaigns, not necessarily for those who coordinate all aspects of advertising campaigns. In the industry, this is usually in the creative department, and requires knowledge of advertising trends and strong visual communication skills, overseeing progression of campaign from rough sketches through final production.

There are roughly 25,000 graphic designers working in advertising and public relations, making an average of $48,140.

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