Graphic Design Careers: Book Design

Graphic Design Careers: Book Design

Graphic designers who are book artists use traditional forms of design to complement the text and content of books. As an art form, book design or book art is relatively new, some examples of which include miniature books, pop-up books, puppet books, tunnel books, and motion books.

Book designers may do anything from designing cover art to creating a detailed layout of the book to developing functional and beautiful typography. The book designer's role is to communicate visually what the book is about, and -- if designing the cover -- to make it so attractive to the intended audience that the book will sell. Do judge a book by its cover.

Students of book arts will learn about adhesives, inks and papers, bookbinding, printing and publishing, papermaking, typography, calligraphy, history and sculptural work. Graduates will find employment opportunities with printing and publishing companies, book binderies, engraving companies, and paper companies.

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