Graphic Design Careers: Multimedia Design

Graphic Design Careers: Multimedia Design

Graphic designers use a variety of media to make information visually compelling. The Internet and booming technology has made online visual communication professionals more in demand then ever. Multimedia graphic designers can produce interactive sales presentations, 3d modeling, professional commercials, websites, videos, animation, and more.

Multimedia design is extremely popular, and degrees range from an associate's to a master's, including courses in media literacy, technology, and communications, as well as the arts. There is significant overlap with fields such as advertising, art direction, CAD, commercial art, film/video, illustration, and interactive media.

If you specialize in this field, expect to learn about the different types of technology and equipment required by multimedia designers, as well as how to listen to a customer's requirements, develop a solution, and explain it clearly. Multimedia designers can find jobs in advertising, computer art, web design, promotion, rental equipment businesses, and many other fields.

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