Graphic Design Careers: Package Design

Graphic Design Careers: Package Design
Graphic designers who work on packaging create the imagery and text on everything from cereal boxes to cosmetics to attract customers while also informing them.

The best package designs are aesthetically pleasing, creative, and provoke (hopefully positive) emotions. They must also be functional, and meet legal and organizational requirements of the company and the consumer.

Color, typeface, and layout are integral to surface package design, with which graphic designers are most involved. These package designers work closely with marketers and engineers to develop packaging suitable for a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, software, and almost anything else that is sold in bulk or retail.

Package label designers must work within the constraints imposed by the physical dimensions of the package and the information that must be shown. For example, food packaging is limited by many government regulations on size, nutrition information, symbols, and logos. The package designer's challenge is to meet all these needs while still making the package attractive to the consumer.

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